Erin Harkless Moore of Pivotal Ventures on Investing in the Next Generation of Venture Capital Leaders

  • Helping young people manage their mental health and their wellbeing
  • Supporting caregiving innovation and modern families
  • Expanding the representation of women in tech
  • Do your homework in advance. Because I’m going to be doing a little of my own homework on you in advance. Sometimes I’m surprised when fund managers show up for a meeting and ask questions that imply that they’re not familiar with our strategy and approach.
  • Be able to clearly articulate why you’re investing in a certain space. What really is motivating you, and what is the problem you want to solve? Why are you better than the next guy or gal that’s going to be pitching me next? If I am not able to parrot back who you are, why you’re doing this, and what makes you different, there you fail.
  • What is the previous working relationship of the partners?
  • How did they come together?
  • How long have they’ve known each other
  • Why are they coming together to launch this fund?
  • How complementary are their skill sets?



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Magnify Ventures

Magnify Ventures

Magnify Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in founders with bold ideas to reimagine life, work, and care for families.