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  • In a survey, 77% of employees said that whether a company offered paid leave — and the length of it — had some bearing on where they chose to work. Half said they’d rather have more paid leave than a pay raise.
  • Millennials value parental leave more than earlier generations — 83% of American millennials say they would be more likely to join a company offering such benefits.
  • Currently one in five private sector employees has access to any paid leave family through their employer. Despite broad need, there is no federal requirement for employers to provide paid family and medical leave, making the US one of a small list of countries that are without a national paid leave policy.
  • Legislation currently moving through Congress, backed by broad public support, would make 12 weeks of paid family and sick leave available to most workers.
  • A number of states — including California, Washington, New Jersey, and New York, among others — have passed new or expanded paid family and medical leave policies in recent years. In addition numerous localities have passed paid family and medical leave legislation.
  • Track with changing regulatory requirements in the US and globally,
  • Streamline workflows,
  • Reduce liability and management costs,
  • Reduce HR time and reliance on vendors,
  • Integrate with HRIS and payroll, and
  • Provide an easy, supportive process for employees who are taking leave during important and sensitive times in their lives.



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Magnify Ventures

Magnify Ventures

Magnify Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in founders with bold ideas to reimagine life, work, and care for families.