Partner Spotlight: Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR)

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3 min readApr 21, 2023
Magnfiy x EHIR Partnership

For millions of Americans and employers, the ongoing caregiving crisis highlights the need for and impact of family and caregiving-related benefits. An estimated one-in-five workers are active family caregivers. Millions of workers in the US are in the sandwich generation — caring for both a child and an aging family member.

Caregiving support is critical to the bottom line: When employees have difficulty juggling caregiving responsibilities, their well-being and productivity can suffer. A 2021 survey by the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers found that among employees with caregiving responsibilities:

  • 73% had to leave work early or unexpectedly
  • 70% had to call out from work for one day
  • 68% did not take on additional responsibilities or projects
  • 60% felt the quality or timeliness of their work suffered
  • 59% had to take two or more days off in a row from work
  • 52% lost income because they had to miss work

Magnify & EHIR Partnership to Spotlight Emerging Solutions

Magnify Ventures invests in emerging technology companies that improve life, work, and care for families, caregivers, and older adults. We’re a thesis-driven firm that invests early in big ideas across healthcare, consumer technology, and the employer market — including technology-driven companies that can rapidly scale new caregiving solutions and benefits.

In the last two years, we partnered with the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR) to showcase a wide-range of family and care related companies for employers.

EHIR is a coalition of the largest and most progressive employers and regional health plans. Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovation and drive impact by matching the largest and most progressive employers, regional health plans, and healthcare providers with digital healthcare startups.

Together with EHIR we produced Academy programs specifically focused on accelerating the employer adoption of innovations in caregiving. Building on lessons learned and growing employer interest in new solutions across areas like childcare benefits, household management tools, and caregiver support, the EHIR Academy combined customized advisory, expert-led content, and unmatched exposure to the incredible work of hand-selected teams.

Quote from EHIR participant

Participants in the 2021 EHIR Magnify Academy: Apiary Life, Frame Fertility, Gabbi, Grayce, ianacare, Midi, Mirza, Pumpspotting, Sagewell Financial, Lantern.

Participants in the 2022 EHIR Magnify Academy: Cocoon, Joshin, Kinside, Milo, MiSalud, Pathfinder, Seven Starling, Villyge, Vivvi.

Participating Magnify portfolio companies include:

Company Logos of: Cocoon, Kinside, MiSalud, Milo, Seven Starling

About EHIR Programs

EHIR has innovation roundtables across the healthcare industry that address the employer, payor and provider markets in addition to Academy programs. These programs are relevant for startups in the employer and healthcare markets.

How To Engage With EHIR

For more information on the EHIR Academy, please contact

Apply to a Roundtable: visit the EHIR website to create a profile / complete your company submission.

Follow EHIR on LinkedIn to stay updated with key dates and deadlines.

Want to get involved and sponsor a future Academy? Reach out to



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